The Benefits of Having Virtual Assistants and a Remote Setup

Getting More Than What You Paid For: The Benefits of Having Virtual Assistants and a Remote Setup

May 26, 20233 min read

The Benefits of Having Virtual Assistants and a Remote Setup


Remote work and virtual assistants have long existed pre-pandemic. However, it has become more and more popular recently as this has become the means now for everyone to keep earning while being safe from contracting the deadly Coronavirus.

But did you know that aside from the added safety it gives the working class, there are more benefits in remote work and hiring virtual assistants?

If you haven’t thought about it yet, let us list down some of them.

1. More Savings

As per Forbes, businesses with a remote work setup have around 21% more profitability than others. A remote work setup is very efficient, as you will be able to save money from office space to furniture, equipment such as computers, and other electronics.

Aside from this, those who hire virtual assistants save more, as virtual assistants are only paid for their work hours, unlike local staff who get paid daily. And since they only get paid for the hours they work, you wouldn’t need to worry about other employee benefits for them, such as a paid vacation.

2. Improved Productivity

The productivity rate of a virtual assistant or a remote worker is higher than those who had to report to the office. This is mainly because no other things eat up their time and energy, such as the commute.

Your virtual assistants or remote employees are also less stressed, as homes are more comfortable spaces. Not only that, but they also can get better rest – making them function more efficiently in performing tasks.

3. Reduced Location Dependence

Mobility is proven beneficial not just for the employees but for businesses too.

Having the freedom to go to places while maintaining financial stability by having a job is one of the keys to work-life balance.

This is also beneficial for business owners as you wouldn’t have to worry about overseas travels for business opportunities or even a vacation. As you can still check on your business anywhere you are.

4. Time Flexibility

Have your Virtual Assistant prepare monthly reports based on your social media engagement. This will help you find out which platforms are getting you more revenues, the kind of audience drawn to your business, and the type of content they like consuming more.

Receiving reports from campaign results and social media insights is helpful for your business strategy development in marketing.

5. Better Engagement and Profit

Once you have flexibility in business hours, you can get more work done. For Virtual Assistants or remote employees, this means a better chance of getting more engagements. And more engagements mean a possibility for more profit.

A remote work setup and virtual assistants will make your business more cost-efficient and streamline your business growth. And that itself is a good enough reason, in our opinion, to follow suit with this trend.

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