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Social Media Virtual Assistant And Why You Need Them

May 26, 20233 min read

Social Media Virtual Assistant And Why You Need Them


The purpose of social media, at first, was to help us connect with people, like family or friends. Eventually, businesses discovered how Social Media is a great platform to further their marketing. However, managing social media can be very time-consuming, so if you find yourself being eaten alive by it – maybe it’s time to consider hiring a Social Media Virtual Assistant.

Aside from the fact that Virtual Assistants cost less than hiring staff locally, they are also very flexible and come with various experiences and skills. This includes being Social Media savvy and knowing how to manage it. So not only can you save money, but you can also save time to use it on more important things. Here, we’ll talk to you about what they can offer for your business’ Social Media pages.

Developing Social Media Strategy

While you might already have a marketing strategy on your business pages, a Virtual Assistant may have more to offer. A Social Media Virtual Assistant can keep these strategies up to date and relevant to the current trend. By having your Virtual Assistant manage your business’ social media pages, they can have better knowledge and come up with new ideas about what your brand needs improvement in terms of engagement.

Creating and Curating Content

Social Media engagements are often content-driven, so creating and curating them is crucial. You can have your Social Media Virtual Assistant do some research for your business pages and create content that can generate traffic. You can also task your Virtual Assistant to schedule posts to make sure that traffic keeps coming to your pages.

Have your Social Media Virtual Assistant make sure that the content you post on your pages is consistent with the brand and its vision and relevant to the current trends for better engagements.

Managing Audience Engagement

Responding to comments, messages, and answering queries can eat your day away, and find the right words to use in responding to negative feedback.

If these kinds of things go unanswered, it becomes a problem that gets tough to handle, especially once it goes viral.

Make sure that every single one gets answered, as this also improves your engagement ratings; for instance, on Facebook, as it would appear on your page if you are responsive to messages or not.

Creating Reports

Have your Virtual Assistant prepare monthly reports based on your social media engagements. This will help you find out which platforms are getting you more revenues, the kind of audience drawn to your business, and the type of content they like consuming more.

Receiving reports from campaign results and social media insights is helpful for your business strategy development in marketing.

When looking for a Social Media Manager, Virtual Assistants are one of the most efficient as they already spend most of their time online, to begin with – making them quite the expert when it comes to knowing current trends and engaging better.

Ready to find your perfect Virtual Assistant as you go more digital in this new normal? Start outsourcing with Internet Staffing Solutions today!

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